We feel great pleasure to have invited Professor Silas Fong from Chung-Ang University, founder of SAD School of Artists Development to answer a few questions about the new trend in art, the art rental services.

Q: What is SAD Theory? How does it help us to understand the ecology of art?
A: SAD Theory introduces the dynamics between three attributes every individual would encounter when they are involved in art collecting. The three attributes are status, assets and decency.

Q: Is it true that every successful person talks about art? Why is it so?
A: True. Art is a frequent conversation starter for the upper class when we look at human social activities in history.

Q: Some people have been living for decades without art, why should they care now?
A: Art is what people deserve. It is all about social status. Art helps to build up your image. It is time now.

Q: Is art a good investment?
A: Like stock, art is a good stock.

Q: I don’t understand art. Can I still collect?
A: Yes, definitely. Who said you need to know about art to collect? Art is for everyone.

Q: Considering art is a serious investment, can I try before making a final decision?
A: Try art rental services. Some experts even said, ‘Why buy an artwork if you can show them at your home with less than the cost of a coffee a day?’

Q: I don’t know which artwork to choose, what should I do?
A: The professional team of an art rental service observes the art markets in New York, London and Hong Kong. They closely monitor the trend in leading auction houses. Leading services providers have been collaborating with curators and influencers to present the weekly art digest providing the latest art news in the world. There are every colour and size of paintings to fit your wall perfectly. A door-to-door service manages to refresh your wall every three months.

Q: The walls at my home are quite tall. I need a painting of at least No.100 in size.
A: You can find every size from No. 0 to No. 500 in art rental service. Consultations are available specifically on choosing the right size of painting for any room.

Q: My home is very wet in summer, what if the painting gets damaged at home?
A: Do not worry if you find mould on the painting when it is hung at your wall. Art rental services guarantee to make sure the paintings you rent are insured no matter what kind of damages.

Q: I am considering developing a career in art collecting. How should I start?
A: Advanced rental corporation organises artists talk for free so you could get to know new faces and discover the next piece for your wall.

Q: How are artists being selected in an art rental service? Is there a ranking system?
A: There is a precise algorithm in the industry to rank the artists. It ensures the chosen ones to be highly acclaimed in the world. They do not select any work from young artists without the endorsement of art museums and top galleries just because their artworks seem good.

Q: I usually go to art galleries with my friends every weekend. Now most galleries are closed or have restricted entrance, what are the alternatives?
A: Why risk going into the crowd at this time? Many service providers offer weekly virtual tours to the top galleries in town. You can flip along the most beautiful works on your fingertip.

Q: I am an internet celebrity and share culture and art news with my selfie to my fans. I feel that I am losing subscribers since the social distance started.
A: You don’t have to go to galleries to take selfies with the artwork.
You can take a selfie with fabulous artwork at home.

Q: I have rented a single painting for 3 years. I don’t want to change, can I buy it?
A: If you have rented a single painting for 3 years, some company will offer a special discount of up to 50% for you to collect it. No one will get your Schatz from your home.